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Ctrack aid in arrest of car theft syndicate

A car theft syndicate that has been plaguing Pretoria, was apprehended this morning with the aid of Ctrack’s vehicle tracking technology.  The Ctrack monitoring and emergency bureau in Irene acted promptly using its GSM/GPRS real time tracking systems and coordinated the services that led to the location of one of its customer’s stolen vehicle.  The perpetrators were found in the act of stripping the vehicle, in an attempt to remove the tracking system.   The stolen vehicle was already fitted with false number plates, and inside the vehicle various instruments used for vehicle theft were recovered.  All of this happened in less than an hour.

The scene was handed over to the South African Police Service, and it was identified that the syndicate has been responsible for dozens of vehicle thefts in the Pretoria area recently.  

The unsuspecting owner of the vehicle was immediately alerted and contacted by the Ctrack emergency bureau when the incident occurred and was happy to assist the police in their investigation.  To the owner’s relief the vehicle was returned undamaged.

“Persistence pays, crime doesn’t”, says Ctrack’s Regional Managing Director South Africa, Bruce Richards.  “Ctrack has been actively involved with the South African Police Service since the company’s inception, more than 25 years ago.”   

Ctrack’s bespoke technology gives complete visibility of its customers’ vehicles in real time, and has assisted the police in various domestic and cross-border vehicle recoveries and hi-jackings.