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Reaping the benefits of cloud in Warehouse Management Software

The beauty of the cloud is that we can remotely deploy the Cquential WMS anywhere in the world. Cquential has sites running successfully with an achieved up time over the last five years in excess of 99%, running out of an SA based data centre.

Given that it was specifically developed for the cloud, and has minimal bandwidth usage the  actual installation of the software of the Rapid Deployment version, can be done in under 10 minutes.

The cloud not only benefits the initial deployment but  enables ongoing support of the solution.

This is what sets Cquential’s Rapid Deployment t solution apart from Legacy systems that are deployed on site / premise and require high levels of IT skills and costly IT infrastructure.

Added to this is the ability of a customer to achieve scale, whether it is to add  additional users or modules, or increase transaction volumes. This can be catered for in a matter  of hours, compared with days if not weeks, seeking additional ‘infrastructure capacity’ deployment and  capex approval.

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