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Snapcart Q 'n A

Dear Service Provider,

After some months of successful business, we have learned a few things. Some of the things we learned, are which questions get asked most often by our service providers. We hope that this small collection of F.A.Q.’s will help you understand how we can help your business.

Q: How much does the use of Snapcart cost?

A: Nothing. Snapcart does not charge you for being a service provider. The price you bid on a shipment is the price you get paid.

Q: How does payment work?

A: The customer pays Snapcart by Credit Card or EFT. When you have completed the delivery, simply upload the Proof of Delivery or Signed Waybill on your Snapcart portal, or by using the Snapcart mobile app on iPhone or Android.

When you invoice us, we will check that we received the P.O.D. and pay you the price you bid on the shipment. Most service providers choose to invoice only once per month for all shipments. We don’t mind when we get your invoice. We will pay within a few hours of receiving it.

Q: We have different rates for different terms, how do we quote more than one rate?

A: Snapcart allows you to place multiple bids on a shipment. You can specify the different terms for each bid as you place it. There is also a free text field in which you can specify additional terms.

Q: Snapcart gives me an error saying I can’t bid on a shipment. What does that mean?

A: Snapcart goes out of its way to provide customers with the best service providers. One way we do that, is to ensure that service providers cannot offer insurance on a shipment, unless they have valid, in-force Goods-in-Transit insurance. If you are bidding on a shipment that requires only bids that includes insurance and you have not uploaded your G.I.T. policy document, you won’t be able to bid on that shipment. If you want to be able to bid on those shipments, you can also send your G.I.T. policy document to

Q: I don’t see any contact details for the customer. How can I contact them to arrange collection?

A: Once the customer has paid for his shipment, the contact details of the persons at the collection and delivery points will become visible to you. Alternatively, Snapcart also provides a convenient place to send the customer a message.

Q: I can only deliver heavy cargo loads. Can Snapcart still provide me with business?

Absolutely. Snapcart facilitates any load. From an envelope or small parcel to abnormal loads and everything in between.


Andre Trollip, Co-founder and Director, Snapcart