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Why you should advertise
In the current economy, companies in the competitive transport, logistics and warehousing industries have to look at new ways of doing business, increase their productivity, minimise costs and expand their horizons.

Cargo owners are looking for solutions and services, like yours, to assist them achieve these goals. Do not miss out on this opportunity to connect with them!

Take an annual booking in Transport World Africa to:

  • Create continuous awareness of your products and services

  • Save money with better rates

  • Maximise value

  • Align with a credible source

  • Secure your space

Added value

With the placement of your advertisement in Transport World Africa magazine, we will offer you added value:

• Editorial coverage in a feature if you advertise against it
• The more editions you book in, the more discount you will accumulate
• With the placement of a paid profile, you can get added exposure through our newsletters, website and social media

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Transport World Africa is a recognised thought leader in the industry and an award-winning magazine. It’s related responsive website,, has a strong following with over 20 000 page views per month, and a growing social media following. By aligning yourself with our well known and respected brands, you will lend credibility to your marketing messages.





Print opportunities

Cover and cover story, which offers ownership of the front cover, a mention in the contents page, and a double page spread editorial with your unique message.


• A display advertisement within a special feature, with the opportunity to be mentioned in that feature if you support it with advertising

A branded content profile, which can be written by our editorial team, illustrating how your current and potential customers can be aware of and take advantage of your technology and services.

• Case study to showcase how your company managed to provide a solution or solutions to the challenges that a specific corridor in South Africa, or Africa, faced. This too can be written by our editorial team.

Hot seat to discuss any transport and logistics related topics in a question and answer format. The editorial team will assist with both the questions and answers on your behalf.

Benefit from multi-platform marketing

At 3S Media we know that nothing beats a multi-platform marketing campaign across channels. So if you take any of the above branded content options, you get the following added value:

• Exposure on the home page of the website for the duration of the issue
• A mention in the weekly newsletter
• Social media exposure on Facebook and Twitter.

Why you should advertise annually

Securing an annual booking means we are able to put together an innovative year-long package, tailored to your needs and budget. Upfront bookings are provided at beneficial rates and guarantees your space in both the magazine and online. Multiplatform repetition and consistency are proven to be more effective communication strategies than ad-hoc bookings.

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Why Transport World Africa
As a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, you can showcase your range of vehicles and technologies to our readers – your buyers – by securing a regular presence in South Africa’s leading road transport and logistics magazine, Transport World Africa.

Every issue of Transport World Africa magazine includes a regional focus and related road transport corridor, in which we cover the road transport challenges faced by transport operators, and then show how vehicle OEM’s and their propriety technologies overcome these issues and challenges.

Added value is given in the form of digital and social media exposure, to maximise return on investment.

2016 Editorial features


Who Transport World Africa reaches through mailing and digital

• Cargo owners
• Transporters
• Fleet owners
• Freight forwarders
• Supply Chain and Logistics professionals
• Distribution and storage experts
• Warehousing managers
• Transport and logistics industry association members in South Africa, SADC and East Africa

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How many people will I reach?

• Combined print magazine distribution and digimag subscriptions: 10 436
• Weekly newsletter subscribers: 9 500
• Website unique visitors, per month: 9 000+
• Combined social media following: 1 500

How do I maximise my impact?

For maximum impact, take advantage of a branded content opportunity, such as the cover story, Hot Seat or a 1, 2 or 3-page profile within the main feature.

How do I book?
Please contact me, Vinny Reddy, today, on 011 233 2634 or email me at