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Emergency closure of Orlando East’s Mzimhlope pedestrian bridge

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) will embark on the immediate emergency closure of Mzimhlophe Pedestrian Bridge in Orlando East.

The closure of the bridge, situated between Mzimhlophe and Phomolong stations and which is a critical access route for the community to safely pass over four railway lines, is necessitated by unsafe conditions caused by an unstable and rapidly deteriorating structure. It is envisaged that the bridge will remain closed until mid-2019.

The emergency closure of Mzimhlophe pedestrian bridge is motivated by unsafe defects identified during a recent site inspection. There is evidence of deep cracks and excessive corrosion on the concrete footing on both sides of the bridge.

Aging storm water drainage system of the bridge caused blockages that further exacerbated the bridge’s deterioration; where edges to the concrete stairs have disintegrated.

Transport MMC, Councillor Nonhlanhla Makhuba said, “JRA has engaged with affected ward councillors on the bridge closure until rehabilitation works scheduled for the 2018/2019 financial year can commence.

Mzimhlophe pedestrian bridge plays a critical role in providing a pathway for community members above the train tracks, which spans across four railway lines. JRA has motivated to expedite the rehabilitation of the bridge to restore safe passage for residents due to the high risk of accidental fatalities and injuries to community members.”

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