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GSA engages stakeholders on Easypass Implementation

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) upon announcing the introduction of its EasyPASS Programme early this year, has held a stakeholder’s forum to have deliberations on how best the initiative can be fruitful for all parties involved.

Addressing the forum, Professor Alex Dodoo, Director General of the GSA encouraged stakeholders present to share their grievances, opinions and suggestions concerning the programme, as such feedback was necessary for adequate implementation.

He went on to highlight the benefits of the programme to importers and the trading public. He stressed government’s dedication to make goods processing at the various ports as easy and stress-free as possible.

“l am here to tell you what we want to do but most importantly to hear from you. The instruction from Jubilee House is very clear. Government wants importers and the trading public to get goods out of our ports in record time.

The aim of the Port Efficiency programme is to be sure that the frustration to importers, the delays at the ports is reduced to the barest minimum and that you get your goods out in record time regardless of how you do it, “he explained.

To make this possible, he further revealed that only the GSA, the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Customs, would be responsible for inspection of goods at the ports.

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