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UD Trucks aims to offer fully-electric, autonomous trucks in 2030

UD Trucks has announced the launch of ‘Fujin & Raijin. Vision 2030’— an Innovation Roadmap that aims to deliver a variety of solutions for smart logistics, including fully-electric and autonomous trucks leading up to 2030.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the roadmap focuses on the key areas of automation and electromobility to address the challenges of a rapidly-changing world.

“True to UD Trucks’ vision to provide the trucks the world needs today, the innovation roadmap takes a step-by-step approach together with customers to offer commercialised solutions for select automation and electromobility applications from 2020, with a view toward fully-fledged commercialisation by 2030,” said the company in a statement.

The company said in order to meet the demand for parcel delivery, which is expected to grow 50% compared to 2014, the logistics industry must face significant challenges, including a responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions, the growing scale of online commerce, and driver shortages.

UD Trucks believes that transformative innovations in automation and electromobility are key to overcoming these challenges and providing customers with the trucks that fit their needs.

“When delivering on our promise to provide the trucks and services the world needs today, we have always done things a bit differently from others in our industry. As we now look forward, we are convinced that the world needs smart logistics,” said Joachim Rosenberg, Chairman, UD Trucks, during the roadmap’s announcement at the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo.

Automation and electromobility

Rosenberg noted two things that the industry could expect. He said automation would reshape the logistics industry, creating real-life benefits for both customers and society in terms of productivity, safety, energy and fuel efficiency.

He said connectivity through digitalisation was the enabler of both automation and electromobility, and becasue of this, UD Trucks would focus on solutions for safe, low-speed auotomation in confined areas, as well as developing technologies necessary to create silent, zero-emission vehicles that maximise energy efficiency, payload capacity and mileage.

“For UD Trucks, by analysing digital data collected from customer driving behaviour, the truck manufacturer could gain insight on how to design even safer and more dependable trucks,” he concluded.


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