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N2 Wild Coast Road legacy project empowers local women and communities

Twelve women from the communities of Mtentu and Lusikisiki (OR Tambo and Alfred Nzo Districts), recently completed a training programme that has provided them with the skills needed to sew overalls for contractors and labourers working on the Mtentu Bridge construction project, the South African National Roads Agency Ltd (SANRAL) announced today.

The group of trainees comprised five females and one male from Mtentu in the North Bank of the bridge as well as seven females and one male from Lusikisiki in the South Bank.

The group will undergo further training through a business skills programme that will take place in early June.

“The plan is to set the group up into two cooperatives that will be tasked with branding protective equipment as well as sewing overalls for the contractors and Mtentu Bridge project labourers,” Contractor Training Executive, Robert Simelane of Aveng Grinaker-LTA, the main contractors for the construction of the bridge said.

“We are currently setting up the site with equipment, which should be done by August. Leading up to that, we aim to deliver a training programme on business skills as we want this group to be self-sufficient when the Mtentu Bridge project concludes. Subsequent to this, they will go on site and start with the work,” he said.

SANRAL Southern Region Community Development Specialist, Dr Mongezi Noah said the trainees were selected by the Project Liaison Committee because of their reputation for quality work.

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