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Volvo Trucks’ pioneering automation work ‘human-centric’

A newly released two-part film presents the Volvo Trucks view on how automation is set to transform the way we live and work in the coming years.

The two-part film zooms in on the life and work of two key players from Volvo Trucks, Sasko Cuklev and Ann-Sofi Karlsson.

The films show the vision and purpose behind the ongoing automation work by Volvo Trucks, as well as the hopes and concerns of those on whose daily lives it will impact.

Sasko Cuklev, Director Autonomous Solutions, talks frankly about the possibilities he sees for the near future.

“There is no doubt we will start to see self-driving trucks from Volvo on our roads becoming a part of our society. The exact timing will depend mainly on things like traffic regulations, road infrastructure and of course safety standards,” said Cuklev.

While a shift towards using fully automated vehicles forms part of the development, work currently remains focused on implementing automation stepwise to enhance the driver profession towards further increased safety, productivity and convenience.

Ann-Sofi Karlsson, Director Human Factors for Automation added, “Automation is not about killing jobs. The future need for skilled drivers will still be high.

“As trade and the world population continues to grow, so does the transport of goods. Automation is about making it more efficient.”

The films titled “Automation – the Big Change” and “Automation – Driving into the Future” will address current and trending hot topics surrounding future truck technology. According to Volvo Trucks, by involving the customer in ongoing dialogue and research about such developments, Volvo Trucks can stay focused on human-centric issues.

“Work with vehicle automation will continue to be beneficial to the customer, the driver and to society as a whole,” said the global truck brand.

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