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City constructing auto bus station worth 200 million birr

Addis Ababa Transport Programs Coordination Council has announced that a modern auto bus station is being built at Africa’s biggest market hub in Addis, ‘Merkato’, with 200 million birr.

The project is expected to solve a myriad of transportation problems once it is completed.

Yeheyis Girma Selassie, Head of Pedestrians and Mass Transportation section with the Council said that the modern auto bus station would give service to 80 thousand people per day. Selassie said it has capacity to offer service for up to 20 auto buses on underground and main road compounds.

“The construction has so far reached 17% and it is expected to be operational from October 2019,”

The council had made an agreement with the Chinese construction company, CGCOC, to complete the construction within 18 months period, but later added another six month, due to issues relating to land demarcation.

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