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Bryanston’s Belgrave Bridge prepared for heavy rainfall

Sequential torrential downpours in late 2016 and early 2017 have resulted in extensive damage and safety risks, which have warranted the implementation of flood mitigation measures in the Bryanston area, Johannesburg.

The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has completed flood mitigation measures to the tune of R6.2 million at Belgrave Bridge after flooding in January 2017 rendered the low-lying bridge unsafe.

The flooding resulted in increased water flow, erosion of the river banks, sedimentation, turbidity and risk to motorists and pedestrians. The rehabilitation commenced with removal of debris, cleaning of the bridge, the installation of road markings and road studs.

According to the JRA, the R6.2 million phased rehabilitation of Belgrave Bridge included the installation of solar flood lights, safety bollards, cat eyes, river bank and concrete reinforcement, traffic road markings, flashing and static road studs and servicing of stormwater drains.

The project, which forms part of JRA’s citywide stormwater management and emergency bridge repair projects also included the installation of boom gates to safe guard the public during hazardous and unsafe flood conditions.

JRA Acting Managing Director, Goodwill Mbatha said, “The installation of the booms on either side of the low-lying bridge are complete. They will allow for temporary closure during flood conditions.

“JRA is pleased to partner with the Bryanston community, we believe the partnership will foster improved service delivery and safeguard community members. The traffic management and community service level agreements are in place and river bank reinforcements have been carried out with the installation of gabion baskets and desiltation of the river.”

T’s and C’s for community booms

The JRA and Bryanston community have signed a traffic management agreement that includes the listed conditions:

  • The booms must be in the downright position and secured throughout the closure period.
  • Temporary mobile road traffic signs in accordance with the South African Road Traffic Signs Manual must be provided to inform motorists of the road closure.
  • Once safe crossing conditions have been re-established, the booms must be placed in the upright position and secured. The time for the temporary closures may vary from several hours to several days depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Failure to comply with the listed conditions will result in the removal of the booms.

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