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Global fleet company starts up activities in SA

Global car fleet consulting company Connector, which is based in Japan, has launched their activities in South Africa. The latest addition means the company will extend its footprint and deliver fleet advice on all continents.

Yves Helven, Director at Connector, believes that South Africa is an important market for corporate fleet consulting, “Most of the corporate fleets have reached maturity in the US and Europe.

“As a result, the global Fleet Managers are now shifting their attention to other markets and they need local intel to make the right decisions. We had to go to South Africa.”

Helven said South Africa was a great example of where the company could add true value as the corporate fleet ecosystem in South Africa had its own requirements, not only in terms of legislation and direct/indirect taxation, but also in terms of car policy, vehicle selection and supply chain.

Founder and owner of Latitude Fleet Services, Nigel Webb who represents Connector in South Africa said, “Joining the Connector global network gives us access to a wider range of international customers. In addition, we are now in touch with other Connector experts from all over the world, which helps us to better understand what’s happening in the fleet market and pick up new trends much quicker.”

“Latitude Fleet Services is the logical choice for us.” adds Helven. “Nigel has a strong reputation in the fleet market and can represent Connector not only in South Africa but also in other countries on the continent. In addition, there’s a perfect match between Nigel’s activities and the services offered by Connector, such as car policy review, tendering, savings programs, supply chain and fleet-to-mobility transition.”

Connector has partnerships in place with global companies, such as BDO, CPC and GlobalFleet, who support the Connector network with specialised knowledge in taxation, law, change and project management and marketing/communication.

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