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EThekwini Municipality ends transport month on high note

EThekwini Municipality ended its Transport Month, observed in October, on a high note by conducting spot heavy vehicle inspections on the busy M7 freight corridor yesterday.

This was scheduled as one of many planned operations to promote road safety in the City on an ongoing basis.

The joint hour-long operation, on both the M7 east and west bound, was conducted by Metro Police officers, the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) and officials from the eThekwini Transport Authority (ETA). The successful operation saw the suspension of 10 articulated trucks and 55 normal prosecutions for a range of offences including worn tyres, unlicensed drivers and vehicles and defective windscreen wipers.

Three of the trucks did not have working braking systems and had to be towed to a safe place. A number of private vehicles were also pulled over to inspect their roadworthiness during the operation.

Logan Moodley, Deputy Head of the ETA said with the suspension of the trucks their licence disc and the operators card were removed. They would have to reregister the vehicle as well as undergo a certificate of roadworthiness test.

“This is a time consuming process for business owners. Also a licence for a heavy duty truck costs between R8 000 to R12 000. The suspension affects the productivity of the company. We want to show truck owners that we mean business about ensuring their vehicles are roadworthy. It was a job well done today,” said Moodley.

EThekwini Deputy Mayor, Fawzia Peer attended the operation and praised the efforts of officers and officials.

“Today is the last day of Transport Month so it is appropriate for this operation to be held. I am glad that this operation encourages road safety and encourages road awareness.”

She said truck owners needed to be held liable if their vehicles were not roadworthy.

“I have seen some of the defects of the trucks and it is shocking. The safety of all drivers is affected and could result in innocent people losing their lives. While heavy duty vehicles play an important role in logistics and the transporting of goods, safety must be prioritised,” said Councillor Peer.

She requested that monthly updates are made on the vehicles that were pulled over and checked, and the names of the drivers who were fined, be submitted to her as Chairperson of the Security and Emergency Services Committee.

Furthermore she said a proposal to establish a specialised task team of Metro Police officers to carry out these operations had to be submitted. According tot Peer, the team will receive special training to further carry out these duties.

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