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Cummins provides technology for rail-engine emissions control

For over 70 years, independent engine manufacturer, Cummins has provided quality, and high speed rail engines to various markets and is still going strong. This is according to Andreas Dammann, Rail Business Manager – EMEA.

“With engine platforms from 36 kW to 3 300 kW, Cummins has a range of engines specifically for the rail market segment. These run the gamut from locomotives (QSK95, QSK60) to railcars and multiple units (Q19R) to track maintenance (QS50, Q30) and auxiliary power (K19),” says Dammann.

“At present Cummins has 28 000 engines in service in the rail market segment, which means that implementing energy-saving initiatives to reduce costs is becoming increasingly important.”

Dammann explains that for Cummins, the focus is on energy and emission-efficient traction vehicles, including maintenance and support, as well as infrastructure such as tracks and depots, and the role that telematics plays in operational efficiency.

He adds that key requirements for customers are uptime (reliability), total cost of ownership (fluid consumption) and life to overhaul (durability), and Cummins represents the best emissions solution for high horsepower enigines and rail applications.

“Our proven advanced active emissions control technology such as Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), where particulate matter is controlled in-cylinder and nitrogen oxide (NOx) is reduced. This technology not only reduces fuel consumption, but the solution also boosts engine performance and durability,” concludes Dammann.


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