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Tanzania to see huge improvements in transport infrastructure

The Tanzanian government plans to expand the existing railway, air and port networks which will also include a expansion of their infrastructure to facilitate this.

Presenting a report to the on-going CCM National Congress in Dodoma, the Deputy Minister for Transport Dr Charles Tizeba said the government has embarked on several major projects to improve the sector.

The project is quite extensive in terms of work as 20 airports will be renovated, which will include the expansion of the Mugumu Airport to make it easier for tourists to visit the Serengeti National Park and other attractions. This will hopefully increase tourist interest in the country which will have a positive effect on the economy.

“We have secured funds for the project and from April next year, the airport will begin to undergo massive reconstruction, which will ultimately make it an international airport,” he said. He mentioned other airports undergoing major facelifts as the Mwanza Airport and Dar es Salaam International Airport, where plans are being finalised for the construction of Terminal III.

According to Dr Tizeba, Mwanza Airport was also undergoing major facelift by expanding it to 500 metres. All the works were proceeding smoothly, he added. Tabora, Mpanda and Sumbawanga airports are also undergoing major rehabilitation by adding 3,100 metres more for Tabora Airport while 1,800 metres more have been added to the Kigoma Airport to reach a total of 3,100 upon completion.

The deputy minister also announced that the construction process for the Msalato International Airport in Dodoma was on the right track as the government continues to solicit funds to upgrade and develop it through Private Public Partnership (PPP) arrangements. Dr Tizeba took the opportunity to confirm the inauguration of Songwe International Airport in Mbeya in December, this year and that four airline operators have already shown interest to use it.

Movement of passengers to the city centre will also include ferrying passengers in Bagamoyo District in Coast Region to Dar es Salaam where a ship will be procured for that matter.

With regards to rail, around 300 new coaches, 22 wagons and 13 engines will be procured and rehabilitated in order to improve services in the central railway line.

There are also plans to rehabilitate the existing railway line for heavy duty operations by improving the existing gauges.

On the ports, Dr Tizeba said plans are underway for the construction of five ports within Lake Tanganyika and three ports in Lake Nyasa, while the Tanga Port will be supported by the envisaged Mwambani Port, currently under construction.

The construction of berths number 13 and 14 at the Dar es Salaam Port is also going on as plans are afoot for the construction of Bagamoyo Port to reinforce operations at the Dar es Salaam Port, he said.

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